why would you do this? omg

So, Man Of Action

You changed the animation

You got rid of Kevin

You got rid of Gwen

Dwanye McDuffie is rolling in his grave right now


Armageddon Wel 2011 by DatarkNZ on Flickr.
This took much longer than it looks ;) See the picture he is signing? Yeah. I matched all those flowers. And had to extrapolate the back. And you may just be able to see yes the shirt does close over that side.

Commentary in 2005 on this scene:He just walking in woods alone,he gonna be fine
Commentary in 2011 on this scene:He walking in woods alone at night,where is the pedobear when you need him
after 6 years my thoughts have changed



Eunice: Ben! I’m glad to see you.
Ben: Me too, except that your Unimatrix is interfering with my Ultimatrix. If you’re absorbing powers I can’t change!
Eunice: Never change.
oh my glob, Ben and Eunice ftw. seriously they would a good cute couple *makes heart signs with my hands* so idgaf.

OMG FastTrack is a sexy beast..


 sorry if I’m spamming your dashboard with his sexyness. he’s just sexy as hell. OOOH lookie, I got a crotch shot of Fastie!! derp.

seriously love his ass.